GSX – Smart no, 102

GSX SMART 102 photo

GSX Watch is a domestic Japanese brand founded in 1995. Which mission was and still is, to produce wanna have watches, instead of providing a lot of things cheaper.

The company started in the form of bespoke watches ; nonetheless not all were full domestic . Two years later a major company milestone was accomplished when it launched in the summer of 1997 the series purely domestic, a “complete GSX design” . Actually the brand has an extensive models portfolio with a design of it own and an outstanding quality standards.

Recently it launched a new model within the GSX 221 collection line series, the SMART no 102 , that stands out by having three color coded hands over a black dial , in a very well finished 40mm diameter stainless steel case with 13,6 mm thickness.


This model has a water pressure resistance of 10 bars, suitable for swimming or snorkeling, a fully every day use watch; it is robust, and you fell it on your wrist once it’s not a featherweight watch (150 g). There are also optional bands, made of leather or rubber that can be fitted, according with your taste.

The price tag for this watch is 52.500 yen in Japan, which is about 505 USD, or 370 euros. More detailed information about this watch specifications might be found under the manufacturer website;