The Spy Who Loved Me Watch

The Spy Who Loved Me Watch

No one does it better than Bond, he prove it once more, in this thrilling and explosive adventure, The Spy Who Loved Me, a plot that take you from the great pyramids of Egypt, to the undersea, and even to a ski chase in the top of a mountain, defying the gravity limits! Roger Moore brings his suave and witty demeanor style to the 007 agent, when joining forces with a beautiful Russian double agent Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach), in order to avoid the megalomaniac Stromberg (Curt Jurgens) to execute his evil plans for world domination.

To help him in this mission Mr. Bond uses under its sleeve, an hi-tech watch that can receive ticker tape messages.


The watch used by Bond in the movie from 1977, was the Seiko 0674 5009 a quartz digital watch, featuring time and calendar. It’s caliber was the 0674A, which had all of the excellent qualities of the basic functions of the 06 series (unfortunately it does not feature ticker tape messages). This watch was the first Seiko model used in a 007 movie, the relations between Seiko and Bond productions lasted till 1985,  “A View to a Kill” was the last movie where Mr. Bond checked time on a Seiko model.

Like all the Seiko’s used in Bond movies, this watch it’s quite rare. Online sellers often offer similar Seiko models, claiming to be a Bond model watch, but there is only one correct model its the Seiko 0674 5009. The price tag for this watch is around 800 USD (590 €) although it may vary once it’s now a collector item.